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  1. Hello,

    I’m looking for a 71\72kg A class fighter for my show in Leamington Spa 6th December.

    I’ve been told you have a good fighter at this weight called Sebastian, would he be available on this date?

    Many thanks,

    Macauley Coyle
    Thai Warriors Midlands

  2. Hi there,

    Just wondering if new starters are welcome to join and how much each lesson costs and also if there is a monthly payment option?


    1. Hi Matt
      New starters are welcome any time. Classes are £6 for nonmembers and £5 for members. Yes we have a monthly option for £45 a month and you can train as often as you wish.
      Pop along and have a look

  3. Hi, was just wondering details of the class tonight. I heard that it was 8:15-9:15 but it says on the website 7-8:30.
    Also how much is tonight’s session and what is appropriate to wear?

    1. Hi Eve
      The evening sessions all start at 7pm as it says on the website. You are welcome to come along and have a go, all sessions vary. Its £6 for non members and £5 for members. You don’t have to join so theres no commitment. Best to wear shorts and tshirt or joggin bottoms and bring a drink along. We also have ladies only sessions on Fridays at 6pm

  4. Hello. I want to begin Thai kick boxing to get fit and your classes came up in a google search. Are they suitable for a beginner? What is the cost/do you have to be a member? Any info is much appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Hi Emma
      Yes we have a mix of beginners through to more advanced, everyone is welcome. You don’t have to be a member but if you are the classes are £1 cheaper. You can pay as you go or pay monthly so theres no commitment. We have ladies only classes to. Its £5 for members and £6 for non members

  5. Hi, my wife and I used to do kickboxing when we lived in congleton, we have recently moved to nantwich and are looking to start something similar again.

    We can’t commit to a standing order or monthly payment and are just looking to do pay when we come if poss as we are farmers so don’t know what’s going to be happening here from one day to the next! :)

    Rob and Em

    1. Hi Rob and Em
      Come along and watch or try the class on Tuesday. We start at 7pm and have a mix of beginners through to more advanced. Classes are £5 per session for members and £6 for non members. Theres an option to pay monthly if you wanted to but you can pay as you go aswell so no commitment. Look forwards to seeing you

    1. Hi Chris
      Boxing is incorporated within the classes. Our instructors are trained in boxing as well as thai boxing. We take children from 4 upwards and have a mix in the classes. You are welcome to pop in for a chat and a look around.

  6. Hi
    I was hoping to get my 8 year old son in to the class tonight for children. I was wondering if we could just turn up and how much would it cost. Also what would he need to wear?

    1. Hi
      Yes you can just turn up. Its £3.50 a session. If he wears shorts and tshirt and bring a drink for him too. See you later

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